Jellyova developer Sergey Obolonkov (Mogwai13) writes in with news that the final version of his labor of love, Twinland, has been released. Twinland casts you in the role of a chubby, mild-mannered office drone who falls asleep at his desk and finds himself transported to a dangerous dreamland. Soon he's casting magic and killing things as if he was always meant to be a hero. Maybe the office job was the dream?

The game is a metroidvania at heart, and there are a plenty of upgrades to find, stats to increase, new abilities to gain, a large world to explore, and several bosses to defeat. You can make use of different buffs and powers by equipping different hats (my favorite is the giant sombrero), and you can level-up your magical ability to more easily vanquish your foes.

The controls are simple and responsive. Twinland uses the arrow keys to walk and jump, Z to shoot spells with your wand, and Space to access the menu. Once you acquire a map kit, you can press Enter to see your automap, which really comes in handy. Also, you can use Del to pause, and F4 will switch between fullscreen and windowed mode (use +/- to change window size).

If I had to choose one word to describe the aesthetics of Twinland, I would have to say "charming". The simple, attractive graphics draw you into the world, and the action-filled gameplay and exploration keep you there. This epic but compact game should last you 3 or 4 hours a playthrough, but there are 3 different endings to experience, so you may find yourself exploring the dreamworld all over again. Twinland is a free download for Windows.