hohokum_1.jpgSometimes a game makes its mark by removing features on a bulleted list. Eschewing a simple and natural movement restriction like gravity opens up entirely new styles of gameplay that would otherwise go unimagined. The sense of freedom achieved through flight in a video game is incredible, something that can be expected in Honeyslug and Sony Santa Monica's upcoming Hohokum on PlayStation Network.

The vibrant, abstract world of Hohokum is experienced through manipulation of a colorful serpent named The Long Mover, who happens to have the ability to fly. Imaginative gamers will find secrets hidden in an environment that's less like a game level and more like a playground. A place free from the pressures of failure, task completion and the need to complete challenges for progress. It isn't simply a sandbox, however. There will be things to do, like helping the residents that live in the world or solving puzzles, but there's no emphasis on doing so or plot to follow.

Hohokum will fly onto the E3 show floor in June, though its final landing strips are located on Playstation 4, Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita at some point in 2014.

[via PS Blog and Game Informer]