indie games PSS.jpgWith Sony's recent moves to get more indie games on its PlayStation platforms, the company revealed a new "Indie Games" category in its PlayStation Store, with the aim to better highlight independent PSN games.

Andrew Parsons, director of publisher and developer relations for SCEE, explained that this new section of the store will provide indie titles with additional exposure, alongside the regular PSN channels.

The "Indie Games" section will appear in the PS Store on both the PS3 and the PS Vita, and allow users to scroll through all the available indie titles on PlayStation without having to wade through the AAA releases too.

Parsons clarified to Gamasutra that "the indie section exposure is in addition to the content being found in its normal slots in the main Store" in the EU store, while Joystiq received confirmation of this fact in the U.S. store.

The company is no doubt preparing its store for the upcoming PlayStation 4 reveal as well, as the console is set to have a notable indie presence.

The new indie game area of the PSN store launched yesterday. More information can be found in the pair of PlayStation Blog announcements.

[Mike Rose wrote this post originally for sister site Gamasutra]