Developer Codrer tweeted us about their tunnel battlefield, RTS and god game Iubes coming to Windows, which is described as mix of Populous and Age of Empires. The intelligent cubes (iubes, get it?) gather food, seek materials, fight and defend all by themselves. You just tell them where and what to build. You can speed up or slow down time to make the game progress. However, you must be careful of when the Iubes die. I think this is why "we hate them all," as the game says.

The Iubes have souls, and they rise from the grave at night for revenge. If you're moving time too quickly, I imagine this revenge becomes quite swift.

Unfortunately, I haven't played Iubes to know if it's as fun as it looks. Beta registration is open and seems to be starting soon. Those curious to know more of why we should hate all those Iubes can check out the extensive dev blog.