split humans.pngDeveloper Kenta Cho is poking at some interesting ideas again, with his latest browser-based experiments WASD Thrust and Tossed Humans Split Over. Tossed Humans is a hyper vertical jumper, where the score comes from the amount of jumps and not the distance traveled. Players can leave dozens of platforms for the multiplying humans to jump on, but if they miss the platforms or hit them with their head, they are dead.

WASD Thrust.pngIn WASD Thrust, your favorite four keys propel you further into space, while trying to collect coins and avoid mines. The ship often rotates, so what's up doesn't stay up for long. I can't score high on this one, but our forefather Tim W certainly has!

The links to WASD Thrust and Tossed Humans Split Over take you to the games and the code behind the games. Enjoy!