Just as we are taught history via the distortive prism of great men (and rarely women) and ignore the millions that actually shape it, we play RPGs where we put on the hats of mighty heroes and rulers while treating everyone else as props. Or as the fine people behind forthcoming RPG Unrest put it:

"Legends tell of heroes, villains, and quests that save the world from darkness. The streets tell a different story."

Yes, Unrest does aspire to become an unconventional game and it hopes to achieve this one more than one levels. It will be set in a famine stricken city in ancient India, where combat is always avoidable and conversations detailed. What's more, the apparently rich narrative will adapt to player character deaths or failures by further adding to itself, while every character will possess and react to 3 highly intriguing and for the most part unexplored values: Friendship, Respect and Fear, hopefully providing us with a truly unique and believable environment.

Even though Unrest has already (rightfully, too) smashed its funding goal and already reached all the announced stretch goals, you should still help support it, if only to secure your early copy and all those rather intriguing extras. It will, after all, be really nice and offer a completely moddable experience, no DRM and no DLCs.