Developer Kent Hudson's The Novelist combines interactive narrative and stealth, allowing let you play a ghostly spirit that can guide writer, father, and husband Dan Kaplan through a family vacation and ultimately shape his life. While staying unseen, your abilities allow you to read the family's thoughts, explore memories, uncover desires and intervene in their lives.

The Novelist is on Steam Greenlight and is available for Mac and Windows pre-order through the Humble Store (which typically distributes Steam keys when applicable). The Novelist is currently $14.99, which is 25% off its release price.

This will be Kent's first indie project since leaving the AAA world, having previously worked on games such as Deus Ex: Invisible War and BioShock 2. Kent blogs about facing scenarios similar to those he was creating in The Novelist. "Can a person follow their dreams while remaining connected to those they love?" We'll see if real-life developer Kent and character Dan did so this summer.