If you like playing real-time strategy games but are sick of all the intricate management aspects, Rymdkapsel is likely the game for you. Grapefrukt Games has put together a tight, accessible little title that's a joy to play and is easy to lose yourself in.

Building a self-sufficient space station in the middle of space has never been easier. You start at the center of the map and build a path outward, using a limited pool of starting resources. The tutorial carefully walks you through what you'll need to know to persist in the void of the universe, like how to convert sludge into food or how to build weapon stations to protect yourself from alien attacks. These sieges occur faster and faster as the game goes on, each one with more ferocity than the last. The goal is to last as long as possible in the face of continued assault. Successfully reaching and researching the four monoliths will increase the speed of your units and hopefully help you keep up with the quickening pace of your enemies. Your demise is unavoidable, but careful planning and proper management will help you last just a little bit longer each time.

rymdkap_1.jpgThe touch-screen control scheme works wonderfully. You build your base by simply dragging your finger from the top of the screen, on the name of the piece you want to build, down onto the screen. Then you can place it in the proper place and wait for you units to build. Of course, you units have several tasks they can perform aside from construction, like food service or research, which helps produce energy faster. These tasks are assigned at the bottom of the screen, where you'll slide each unit into their desired role. This includes telling them when it's time to defend the base. Be sure to give them proper time to reach their stations before an attack. Failure to do both of these things will result in a blown-out expedition, and a need to start from scratch as well.

Basic geometry and bright, flat colors make up the visuals. The shapes of the rooms are comprised of the familiar tetrominoes we've seen in countless games over the years. Fitting rooms along the path you build requires you to keep these shapes in mind, as careless placement can leave you short places to put new locations.

Rymdkapsel is available through the Playstation Mobile subsection of the Playstation Store. It's available for all Playstation Certified devices, including the Vita, for the price of $4.99.

[UPDATE: Developer Grapefrukt told us on Twitter that Rymdkapsel will also come out on iOS and Android in July.]