Indie Fund-ed, clay-modeled puzzle platformer The Swapper is now available for Windows. The game earns its name from the device the player wields, which actually swaps _and_ clones, but I guess "The Swapper and Cloner" is a bit of a stretch. You're given the device from the get-go, and the intricate level design masterfully nudges you to learn more abilities that can come from using these two mechanics.

The cloning part of the device slows down time to allow for advanced movement. The types of movement is up to you to learn, but it can produce some rather silly ragdoll physics moments. There are blue, red, and purple lit areas that impede your use of the swapper, cloner, or both abilities, too. There's also the all-important box-pushing and a dash of gravity reversal to mix up the later puzzles. The swapper gun even has a bit of kick-back at times, but to say more would spoil the fun.

The mysteries of yourself, the device, and its experiments also await unlocking, as you explore deeper in space station. The writer behind these mysteries is Tom Jubert, who also wrote for hits Penumbra and FTL. The text isn't too heavy at any given time, nor is it necessary to solve the puzzles; it's just there to enjoy.

[Edit: contest ended, winners revealed on Twitter]

The Swapper was made by two full-timers and two freelancers. Or maybe it was just made by one person cloned three times. Sneaky devs! Either way, they'd appreciate your support! The Swapper for Windows is available via Humble Store widget and Steam, with a week-long 25% discount bringing it to $11.25.