eufloria icon.jpgA new indie game bundle has launched, with a significant difference to those that have come before it -- it can only be bought using the Bitcoin digital currency.

Not only that, but the developers behind The Bitcoin Bundle are getting paid in Bitcoins too. Those involved say that the move will hopefully prove an important step towards making players feel closer to the game creatives.

The bundle is being run by Eufloria dev Alex Amsel, with other notable indies involved, such as Omni-Labs' Rudolf Kremers, Felix Bohatsch at Broken Rules, Kyle Gabler from 2D Boy, and Marek Plichta at Spaces of Play.

The games included are Spirits, World of Goo, And Yet It Moves and two versions of Eufloria.

"For me personally it's a 'Fight the Power' type thing," Kremers tell us. "An alternative to greedy bankers and financial institutions, and another way for indies to do things their way."

More information on why the bundle has been put together can be found on the official website.

[Mike Rose originally wrote this article on sister site Gamasutra.]