Tiny Barbarian DX shrinks a Conan the Barbarian type hero into something travel-sized and packs him into an epic action platformer, beginning with this first episode today from Starquail Games. Tiny Barbarian DX is the follow-up to the freeware Tiny Barbarian and is full of old-school action with enough 8-bit references to warm this caveman's heart.

In the first stage alone, I noticed Castlevania-style weak walls with treasure and turkey hidden, a Golden Axe-esque elf with a bag of goodies to shake loose, and a boss any Contra fan would spot.

Lead developer Michael Stearns says the next episode and the Mac build don't have release dates yet, but the composer, Jeff Ball, will be releasing the soundtrack for episode 1 tomorrow.

Michael was excited to share that Tiny Barbarian DX is scored with no repeating songs through the whole thing. "When I explained to Jeff where all the music triggers and transitions would go, instead of just making a few good re-usable songs, he filled the entire game with great, unique pieces that fit every scene. I'm totally blown away by it."

Tiny Barbarian DX is available today for Windows for $9.99. It's great to see another successful Kickstarter deliver on its project!