Acid Wizard Studio is making steady progress with its procedurally generated, top-down, sandbox survival horror game Darkwood, and the team has now turned to Indiegogo for fan support. The game caught several readers' attention in March, and though it is still in a 'pre-alpha' state, it looks well worth a $10 Indiegogo pledge for the digital copy.

Programmer Gustaw Stachaszewski reached out to us to share a few words about his game and any upcoming playable builds.

"What I think that makes Darkwood stand out of the crowd is the, I guess a bit experimental, top-down approach to horror. We get a lot of comments under the trailers where people say 'I didn't think a mix between horror and top-down could work until I saw this video'. We achieve this by playing tricks with the player's mind and using his imagination against him to create a very eerie atmosphere. We pump it up with permadeath for intensity and random generation to make it unpredictable and to spice up the pacing."

As for public alpha builds, his team is considering it. "It's a horror game with a big emphasis on mystery and exploration - we're afraid it might hurt the final experience once you know what's lurking in the shadows. We have an idea how to make it work, but we will just have to test it out, anyways it will take several months to release a playable version. We have to port the game to a different engine among other stuff."

The team only has 9 days left to raise $12,000 of its $40,000 fixed goal. Those who want to help make Darkwood a frightening reality can do so here.