Road Not Taken is an upcoming puzzle game from Spry Fox, developers on Triple Town and Realm of the Mad God. It also borrows its name from the popular 1916 poem from Robert Frost, "The Road Not Taken" - and it borrows from the poem's thematic elements as well, as we see in the trailer above.

Described as a roguelike, Road Not Taken has players venture through "a vast, ever-changing forest in the aftermath of a brutal winter storm."

The game is set for release in late 2013. In addition to the game's poetic influence, the art design is being undertaken by Brent Kobayashi, formerly art director of the browser-based MMO Glitch.

"It's also an experiment with a more pointillist approach to narrative, which we think is particularly well-served by the roguelike genre," says Spry Fox's David Edery. "Each object, each animation, and each bit of text is a bit of paint on the canvas." Eventually, through repeated plays, Edery believes that "a greater theme will be revealed to players."

For more information and Road Not Taken, whose release platforms have not been announced, pay a visit to Spry Fox's website.

[Kris Ligman wrote this article originally for sister site Gamasutra.]