It's not often that we see a video game in which a classical instrument is the controller -- but then Cello Fortress is quite unlike any game we've seen before.

As demonstrated in the above video, the game is able to listen to a live cellist play, and convert the notes and melodies into attacks on the opposing players, thus creating a dynamic in which the cellist attempts to string together a piece of music while also battling against opponents.

More information on how exactly the game is controlled can be found on Ronimo designer Joost van Dongen's blog. van Dongen is the man behind Cello Fortress, and is he currently taking the game on tour around the Netherlands -- make sure to visit his website for details.

For those looking for more information on van Dongen's thoughts behind the game, you'll find sister site's Gamasutra's previous interview with van Dongen most enlightening.

[Mike Rose wrote this article for sister site Gamasutra]