The ancient Greeks would have you believe Pandora made a huge mistake opening the box, but Chromatic Dream has turned her fabled moment into a positive one with their new multiplayer XBLIG title JamSouls.

There are three modes in which to compete with your friends locally in JamSouls. The first is Deathmatch, where you'll kill your opponents by either jumping on their heads or with items and powerups that spawn throughout the multileveled arenas. Capture the Flag is pretty self-explanatory, though you don't need to return to your base to score points. The final mode is Kick the Ball, where two teams of two players try to score a goal with a ball, either through a soccer-style net or a basketball hoop. While none of these game types is particularly deep or strategic, their simplicity breeds fast-paced and manic fun.

Chromatic Dream has put a serious level of effort into the presentation of the game. The quality of the art is astounding while the animations look smooth and natural. JamSouls is available now for 80 Microsoft points ($1) through the XBLIG marketplace. A PC version is currently in development.