A Tale Of Two Worlds is a puzzle platformer where you are trapped between two worlds (a magical world and technological world), and every world has its own advantages and disadvantages. The art style is neat and beautiful. One of the things I liked in the game is the divided text between the two worlds, and though it's hard sometimes to read, it looks cool.

A Tale of Two Worlds is a student game project from the "ENJMIN" graduate school of games and interactive media, and the game designer behind the game (Ahmed Majdoubi) is a Moroccan Student. The game is their participation to the "Hits-Playtime" contest, organised by the French newspaper "Le Monde".

They released a short version of the game (it have some bugs and some placeholder graphics), and say they will release a longer version by June 15.

You can follow them on their facebook page to keep up with the progress and to support them for the competition.