Salmon Soft's shmup Void Gear (whose subtitle roughly translates to 'life-sized big beautiful girl soldier suit') may have one of the largest player "ships" ever, but that doesn't make this two-stage Windows demo awkward or unenjoyable. Don't trust the degraded trailer quality, as Void Gear is a sleek, cell-shaded HD horizontal shmup that demands your clear attention.

void gear.pngYou have five weapons to switch through, with different strengths, frequencies of blasts, and one that even shoots through walls. Enemies come at you from both sides of the screen, and you can rotate easily with a button tap (like in Deathsmiles).

Bullets rain heavily at times; however, the pilot's hit box is small. Damage seems to only count in a lower part of her midsection.

Along with bullet Intensity, this shmup has an intense soundtrack from 25-year game veteran Yasuhisa Watanabe. While he has too much accreditation to list, you may have spotted him throughout console entries such as Metal Black on Sega Saturn, Border Down on Dreamcast, and Senkou no Ronde on Xbox 360. That's cool of him to join on this project.

Void Gear will go on sale through its website sometime in July for Windows. Hopefully the payment systems will be easy enough for fans all over the world to support them.