Bokida.jpgI'm very excited to be able to introduce to you Bokida - a really fresh and quite beautiful sandbox style game made in Unity by a small group of French students. It features the exploratory freedom and wonder of a game like Proteus, the surreal graphical aesthetic of something like Antichamber, and the physics based tools of Tiny & Big.

Essentially when you start up this prototype version of Bokida you are presented with a vast world to explore and no obvious goals overtly thrust upon you. You can take your time and look around, do a little building, or just head for the horizon or one of the many obelisks scattered around the landscape.

Bokida affords players with a small set of tools to play around with: there's a build tool which you can use to create infinite solid blocks in any direction - a cut tool which can be used to bisect any group of blocks along any axis (after which blocks will fall apart with naturalistic physics) - a push tool which can blow block bits around - and a clean tool which can clear out the playfield of debris and broken block bits. Players can use these tools in any way they choose and can explore the open landscape in any way they like. Stack blocks to reach towering cliffs, make a house, or just mess around and have fun - there's a lot to see!

The prototype version of Bokida is available right now to try right now in your web browser here. The developers also have a development blog which you can feel free to visit here - although most of it is in French.

[Nick Reineke is a YouTuber and indie advocate and can be found on Twitter]