2ndchance1.pngA Second Chance is this month's offering from Major Bueno, developer of Moon Waltz and Stagediver, and it's another comedic treat featuring great, cartoony art and unique game mechanics. An asteroid is on a collision course with Earth and you're in charge of guiding the mission to blow it up. But you're not an astronaut; no, you're the voice of Ground Control--and you've messed this job up before. Can you save your dignity and the planet?

Seated behind a console and watching the mission play out on a monitor, you issue commands to the astronauts and operate their rocketship by clicking on the bank of controls before you. You can even crack wise or offer motivational remarks. Each command is superbly voice acted by Zach Holzman, who also narrates the game's melodramatic opening. To successfully complete your mission, you need to give orders in the right sequence. There are lots of ways to fail the mission, and they generally involve the astronauts dying and you suffering extreme guilt. The game's pretty short, but it's definitely worth your time. Chalk it up as another success for Major Bueno!

You can play A Second Chance in your browser.