kings ascent.pngKing's Ascent is a vertical platformer where different functioning ledges you step on become weapons that fall upon monsters chasing you. You learn what has these monsters angry through a series of narrated cut scenes and voiced dialogues that play out during the chase.

King's Ascent didn't overstay its welcome, with only 5 chapters to play. If a sequel were on the table, I'd ask for more intelligent and reactive bosses (who fight back more) and a few different functioning platforms along the way. I also wish the graphics stuck with predominantly one style, preferably the stain-glassed look in the title. The 3D baddies are a bit crude, but any good player won't see them for long.

Kudos to developers Rosstin Murphy, Sharon Hoosein, Andrew Head, Meagan Trott, Matthew Glisson, Carolyn McGraw, and Alex Moser and actors Trevor McQueen and Lauren Boyle for making this vertical platformer fun. Give King's Ascent a go on Newgrounds.