luckypeach1.pngCandy Box developer aniwey has come up with another whimsical browser game constructed from text and ASCII art. Lucky Peach is a lot of fun, and it's not as simple as it first appears, but don't expect anything as complex as Candy Box.

Lucky Peach is a game commissioned to commemorate The Travel Issue (issue 7) of the McSweeney's-published, print-only "journal of food and writing" Lucky Peach. It's a small action game that feels as if it could, in fact, be a deleted segment from Candy Box. Use your mouse to steer your rowboat through auto-scrolling bodies of water named after various junk foods. Collect treats like hamburgers, pizza, cupcakes, and familiar-looking candies to gain weight. Dodge healthy foods or else you'll lose weight. Soon, you reach an island where you engage in a series of minigames to collect ingredients for a good meal.

Where is this all leading? I suggest you play Lucky Peach in your browser and find out.

[source: @brandonnn]