Hyper Pixel Man is the latest browser game by Pixelulsar, author of the excellent puzzler Demon Decimator. It's the newest in a series of hardcore platformers featuring the Pixel Man moniker, and it's the culmination of all the lessons learned from previous installments. Hyper Pixel Man is platforming stripped of impurities and distilled to its essential elements.

The concept is simple: Run, jump, avoid stuff that kills you, and get to the flag in each deathtrap of a level. The game is hard, fast, and fair. It's not a "rage" game and there are no hidden traps or illogical deaths. Success is solely dependent upon your mastery of the mechanics. Featuring low-resolution pixel art and a monochromatic color palette, a style the developer calls "1-Bit", Hyper Pixel Man keeps the focus on the gameplay while still looking pretty.

If you want to put your platforming skills to the test, play Hyper Pixel Man on Newgrounds.