darkroom3.pngA Dark Room by Doublespeak Games was inspired by Candy Box, but it's much grimmer in tone, with a stronger plot and a more roguelike-like focus on survival. It's one of the most satisfying and surprising game experiences I've had this year.

You begin the game in the titular location, with only one way to interact. Soon, more options become available and new gameplay systems emerge, each one interlocking with what has come before. The gameplay goes through some drastic permutations and ultimately takes you far beyond the little firelit room. A Dark Room juggles a number of elements, including resource management, crafting, exploration, horror, combat, and economics. As you uncover more ways to interact with the world, you'll also slowly reveal its history and come to understand your place in it.

You can play A Dark Room in your browser. The game saves automatically, so you can close your browser tab without fear of losing your progress.