Europe's had this one for a while, but now North America can enjoy The Game Atelier's horizontal shooter Flying Hamster HD, which has been resurrected from its days on PSP. Along with boosted graphics, it offers 4 control modes (analog stick, motion sensor, front touchscreen or rear touch pad), 2 online leaderboards, 15 trophies, and an arranged soundtrack. The painful cuteness, however, is perfectly in tact.

I earned more continues as I unlocked trophies, and I certainly needed them for the blazing fast final stage and spastic final boss of 5 stages (plus an extra dimension I arrived at by breaking an obvious wall). Large, colorful, and playful animal-enemies littered most of the game, reminding me of Konami's wonderful Parodius series. Unlike Konami's famous shmups, the shot options were limited ammunition Newton the hamster creates by eating tasty food around each level.

Aside from this shot mechanic, there isn't much novelty here. Flying Hamster HD is more polished, familiar fun with tight controls. The game has a free demo in case you aren't sure about the $3.99 purchase, though you won't get to experience the challenging Hard mode that unlocks after beating the game.