ending arron steed.jpgAaron Steed knows turn-based puzzles and roguelikes, and it shows in his punishing, Mercury-inspired Ending. The Red Rogue and Turnament developer offers in Ending a whole lot of meticulous gaming for free (or for $1 on mobile), including a 60-stage puzzle mode, a roguelike adventure mode, and a puzzle level editor.

The overall goal is to survive until you reach the exit, but there are layers of challenge to staying alive. Enemies want to outsmart and crush you at every turn. They attack in different but visually marked ways so that you realize it was your oversight that led to your death.

You also have a limited number moves until you reach your own ending. However, destroying enemies (smashing into them before they do into you) replenishes your move meter.

The rest of the chess-like rules are up to you to uncover. Give Ending a go on Aaron's site; download it for OSX, Windows, or Ubuntu; or support Aaron by buying it for mobile for $1 on iOS or Android.