dadkorv.pngGLORG and Rymdkapsel developer Grapefrukt wrote to tell us about his upcoming 2-in-1 OUYA launch game with maximum juice, called Mrs. Dad vs. Körv. The local multiplayer games are a collaboration with Redgrim (Spin the Bottle for Wii U) and Niklas Ström (music and sound designer for Rymdkapsel). Mrs. Dad is a bit like a versus Pacman sans labyrinth, with added birds and vacuum cleaners. Körv is "a messed up version of soccer featuring hamburgers, sausages and eggs. All running in a totally realistic physics simulation," says Grapefrukt. The games promise to be easy to pick up and hard to master, or so says the shirtless panda man in the video after the jump.

Grapefrukt's alter ego Martin Jonasson shared a few words and these concept images to illustrate better the two games.

vacuum.png"Mrs. Dad is the game on yellow background, you walk around picking up dots to grow bigger. When you are bigger than your opponents you can 'eat' them, giving you a point and resetting both your sizes back to normal."

football.png"Körv is the game on the green background. There are two teams, green and pink. You buzz around picking up eggs and bring them to your goal to score. The eggs you pick up gather in a long tail after you, slowing you down and exposing you to be crashed into by your opponents."


OUYA just might become the next great game night centerpiece, if titles such as Mrs. Dad vs. Körv and TowerFall keep coming.