The masterminds behind independently developed game titles Hiversaires and Mega Ran in Language Arts will be performing music at the Daikanyama M venue in Tokyo this Wednesday. Aliceffekt's first-person puzzler for smartphone devices depicts labyrinthine corridors that the player must navigate without recourse to verbal hints or clues. Last year American hip-hop artists Mega Ran and DJ DN3 Kickstarted their 8-bit styled platformer with Lunar Giant Studios, and now are funding an overseas tour and remix album through the crowdfunding service. Other scheduled performers for the Mega Ran Japan Tour debut show at Daikanyama M in Tokyo are Bit Summit headliner Professor Sakamoto and chip musician Hige Driver.

While the spare, textless interface of Hiversaires has sidestepped language barriers to attract an international audience, enthusiasts of the point-and-click adventure title might not be aware of French Canadian designer Devine Lu Linvega's prodigious output as an electronic music artist, or his facility as a visualist in the live environment. Aliceffekt's latest album "Dei Dain" became available for pre-order earlier today, with cyberpunk soundscape "Kirleane Coral Parasols" streaming on Bandcamp.

The Hiversaires soundtrack is planned for release for free download via XXIIVV on the 25th. It will coincide with the launch of Nataniev, a mobile adventure title where gameplay is intrinsically tied to walking.

DJ DN3, aka Melvin Raymond, wrote the score to the Language Arts browser game, and more recently published an album called "Project: OchoBites," mixing hip-hop and chiptune game console sounds. He sees the late '70s as a special time for musical cultures that are thriving today, as hip-hop and videogames sprung into being and gradually took form. OchoBites is an attempt to fuse the two artistic media together, blending influences as diverse as the Nas debut album Illmatic and nostalgic chiptune effects.

Professor Sakamoto and Hige Driver are no strangers to indie games themselves. The former performed live keyboard covers of classic Nintendo Famicom games at the inaugural Bit Summit indie game trade festival in Kyoto. The latter's chip remix of the Dr. Mad Stage 2 theme from platformer Rokko Chan can be heard on Bandcamp. Photos from the event at Daikanyama M will be available via our flickr photo set later this week.

Professor Sakamoto