Dennaton Games has been quite busy since Hotline Miami killed it at release. We'd imagine putting together the recently-revealed series finale has been murder on their spare time. At the same time, Abstraction Games has just about put the 187 on development of the PSN port of the original game.

The sequel, titled Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, is set several years after the events of the original. Dennaton is going to close out the game's universe with this entry, which will be reflected directly in the story.

"This is the end," series creator Dennis Wedin told Polygon. "This is the grand finale for Hotline Miami. Everything will end with this game. We also tried to give that tone to the game as well. This is the theme for the whole game. It has that sadness. All good things end."


The gameplay will stay relatively the same, but Wedin said that they're making an attempt to tell the story in a slightly different way. One faction of characters is attempting to create a movie about the events of Hotline Miami, and it trickles right down to the stages being called "new scenes". The other faction is made up of copycats who missed out on the vigilante movement the first time but are trying to revive it by grabbing the media's attention.

As for the PSN version of the first game, a Twitter conversation makes it look as though it could be releasing as early as next week. There's no information on pricing just yet, but the title's Crossplay functionality means you can play it on your PS3 or Vita with just one purchase.

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