Icefishing V by Nate Gallardo presents players with a very odd proposition: they are faced with a completely surreal landscape and told to reach a specific point (looking something like an elevator) which happens to be high in the air. With basically no innate knowledge of how to interact with the world around them, players will explore and discover a series of areas which iterate upon a theme of patterns and rhythm.

As players move from one land mass to the next by figuring out the secrets contained in each zone, they'll find themselves staring in awe at the living piece of art they're walking through. Icefishing V is based around excellent sound design and is complimented by often ethereal or glitchy visuals. Each situation players traverse will leave a mark on the area they've just moved through slowly adding up to a world that is uniquely yours by the end.

Icefishing V is available for Mac or PC here. You can also check out the fully audio-based Icefishing I-IV at Nate's bandcamp page and his personal site.

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