incredipede_linux.pngToday's a great day to become a Linux user. Northway Games' gorgeous, lively physics puzzler Incredipede is now available on Linux for free.

"I'm making it free because Linux users are such strong supporters of indie games and because I like Linux, and the philosophy behind it so much," Colin Northway wrote in. Linux is an open source operating system that is a viable alternative to Windows and Mac OS X. On the non-sales page, the developer explains how to get started using Linux.

Incredipede is also discounted via the Humble Store widget for Windows and Mac, with 50% of profits going to two open source projects Colin used in making his game: FlashDevelop and Box2d.

Lastly in the world of halves, the Steam version is 50% off, too. It's a full-on assault from Quozzle!