Found while browsing the latest One Game a Month offerings, horror-adventure Don't Escape ended up consuming the rest of my evening. Scriptwelder always seems to come up with something innovative and compulsively playable, and the developer has done it again. His superb game Deep Sleep was a horror-themed twist on room-escape games; Don't Escape uses the same point-and-click interface and naturalistic graphical style in what is essentially an anti-room-escape game. Your goal is in its title.

In Don't Escape, you are a werewolf. You don't want to be, but that's what you are. There's a full moon coming tonight, so you need to make preparations against your murderous lupine form. You can explore the cottage in which you find yourself, collect items, and use them to lock the place down and restrain yourself before night falls. There are no explicit clues to how to use the things you find, but make a thorough study of each location, and of your inventory, and you'll be able to make the connections.

There's an icon representing you in the drop-down inventory menu, and you can use it to apply certain items (ropes, etc.) to yourself. There's also an hourglass icon, and you click that when you think you've done enough to keep yourself contained, or at least so worn out from trying to escape that you'll turn back into a human before you can do any damage. After clicking the hourglass, you are given a rundown of how the night progresses after you transform. You'll find out just how good your preparations were and just how many villagers you end up massacring (if any).

You can play Don't Escape in your browser on the author's site or on Armor Games.