GUNNER is the latest game released by the prolific, uncompromising, and chameleonesque Jake Clover (AKA Normalen Baren, AKA hasetrum). This game/art-piece is an assault on the senses, on taste, and on morality. You shoot police officers and blow up their cars in order to steal jewels (which really mean nothing in the end). The graphics are chunky, the animation is clunky, and the soundtrack is very LOUD. Did I mention that I love this game?

It's a hard game to describe, but an easy one to play. The arrow keys move your avatar, Z crouches and crawls (which may not confer any real advantage), and C fires your hand-cannon. An interesting tactical twist is that you can only fire horizontally. You shoot square bullets that expand in size as they travel, and you can use that to your advantage. One hit will blow up a police cruiser, and the resulting circular explosion will take out anything it touches. Watch out for prone cops: Sometimes they're just dazed or playing possum. Shoot open safes and collect the gems (or not), then proceed to the exit (a big arrow) and go on to another, even weirder level.

After a handful of levels, everything distorts into a psychedelic deconstruction of what has come before. The ending may or may not have any deeper meaning--but it's so cool visually that the game almost becomes an art-making application.

I recommend at least giving this one a try. But you might want to turn your speakers down (and I'd really advise against using headphones). Download GUNNER for Windows.