It's the weekend: time for a healthy dose of current and future release news! Find out which games are coming to PC and which are extending to consoles and more. First up is Rain Games' Teslagrad, which we featured back in November. This puzzle platformer is now coming to Windows, Mac, Linux, and PS3 Q4 of 2013. I know that seems so far away, so let's look at some games coming out sooner and others that have released this week!

Toki Tori 2+ for Windows and Mac will release on Steam on July 2, wobbling from Wii U with improved the game play, presentation, and a level editor. Those who want to experiment with the level editor now should read more here. And the last bit of TT2+ news, the updates "which make sense" for Wii U will eventually find their way on that platform, too.

Revealed last September, Renegade Kid's Mutant Mudds Deluxe is coming to Wii U on June 13. Deluxe adds 20 ghost levels and appears to be the final rewritten chapter before Mutant Mudds 2 releases.

Previously covered Dolphin Squadron moves from demo to completed freeware for Windows, polishing the fast-paced, mine-chasing vertical shmup with weaponized dolphins. Ryan Huggins told me a final boss was added to the last level and his team "redid all of the music and most of the sounds and made a good number of smaller artistic changes that have to do with the mecha and space." Be sure to give it a spin, er swim.

Next up is Matt Brown's Musical tower defense game Sentinel, which we first noticed in November. Now it is available for $10 on Linux and Windows. Says Matt, "It mixes strategic gameplay with a dynamic music system. The game takes place on a sequencer-like grid. As you add defenses, collect resources and destroy enemies, musical elements are triggered in time to the backing music. It is inspired by music games such as Rez, Lumines and Soundshapes."

Lastly, this weekend Indie Dev Grant winner 99 Spirits released on Windows, which is a Japanese style puzzle RPG where you must identify the enemy to defeat it. The game was created by Japanese doujin circle Toraiki and localized by Fruitbat Factory. 99 Spirits is a hefty $20 for the deluxe version, but you can try out the free demo before you invest.