nam-cap.pngNot only is Studio Piña's Nam-Cap literally 'Pac-Man' spelled backwards, it also plays like a reverse concept of the iconic quarter muncher. Blank mazes must be filled with pellets that you get from eating the ghosts. A temporary heart remains where you eat each ghost, and these hearts act as the ghosts' power-pellets, giving them the hot-red courage to come after you, instead.

The music is a bit annoying, but I suppose it has to be. Since you start the game in the 'almost-done' state, the short siren plays on a continuous loop until the ghosts flip the script and come after you.

The beginning music is charming, though, and should sound familiar (but also in reverse). I also appreciate the tiny details such as the ROM booting sequence in the beginning and the reverse words such as "debt" instead of "credit".

Nam-Cap is fun and free, playable now on Mochigames or Newgrounds.

I'd further recommend checking out this studio's older game, Sydney Hunter on Mochigames (or Newgrounds), a cave spelunking, fetch-questing platformer with MSX-style graphics.