vampire wallstreet.pngBaconGameJam entry Occupy Vampire Wallstreet builds a thirst for gathering blood currency to increase your vampire-ness by killing humans and by trading stock at the right time in between rounds. You space-bar dash into humans of all sizes to drain their blood and defend the vampire stock market building, then you buy or sell your blood for shares based on an ever-changing stock market to maximize your blood-wealth. When stocks are high, it's best to sell (and purchase upgrades); when they're low, buy, buy, buy!

Developers Trevor Sundberg, David Evans, and kkoenig made the currency/upgrade game in-between rounds of tower defense much more exciting for me, making me worry about upgrades and the fluctuating stock market simultaneously. As a weekend jam game, I wonder if this mechanic has some more interesting ways to stir up the economics behind tower defense.

Play Occupy Vampire Wallstreet via your browser.

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