The co-composer of the music score to the classic sidescrolling beat-em-up Streets of Rage III will be scoring the soundtrack to Necrosoft's PlayStation Mobile driving game "Oh, Deer!" The collaboration marks Tokyo-based musician Motohiro Kawashima's first foray into indie territory and has already entailed the creation of ten music tracks for the mobile title. Live performances of songs from the game will debut tomorrow at the Sabaco venue in Tokyo, alongside sets by game-inspired hip-hop artists Mega Ran and DJ DN3 of Mega Ran in Language Arts.

Mega Ran joins Ape Escape composer Soichi Terada (as Omodaka) on stage

Mega Ran's Japan Tour began last week in Tokyo with a performance with smartphone developer Aliceffekt. A recording of their live collaboration "Our Forgotten Alphabet" combines the musical styles of point-and-click adventure title Hiversaires and nerdcore albums Forever Famicom and Black Materia. Preceding the show in Daikanyama, independent developer 17-Bit announced that Mega Ran would be featured on a new Skulls of the Shogun hip-hop remix, appearing during the opening sequence of the Bone-A-Fide edition for Steam.

Motohiro Kawashima and Hideyuki Fukasawa
Game composers Motohiro Kawashima and Hideyuki Fukasawa in Tokyo

While game composers and chiptune artists have both shared the stage during Mega Ran's Japan tour, Kawashima in his use of FM synthesis will be the first participant to fully inhabit both those roles. The "Oh, Deer!" soundscape is entailing two styles of music, intended to elicit either happy or aggressive emotions to match branching gameplay paths. Kawashima describes the latter tunes as reminiscent of the tone of Streets of Rage.

Images from previous shows in the Mega Ran Japan Tour are available via our flickr photo set.