It would be pretty remarkable if Zeboyd Games dropped the ball on Penny Arcade's on the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Episode 4 at this juncture, but that sadly isn't the case. What you get instead is another quality RPG with an engaging battle system, amusing dialogue, and great retro aesthetics. The story even follows the one found in the previous game coherently. The nerve, that they'd release this! It's like they were trying or something.

I get it. Zeboyd is into making good games, and you're probably a real big fan of that. I can see you getting all excited about the interesting changes they made to the game's combat system. Using the denizens of the Underhell to do battle with those very same denizens probably has you in bunches. The way their abilities change depending upon which Penny Arcade character is controlling them adds another layer or strategy to battle has put a twinkle in your eye. You and your love for quality just makes me sick.

Rain-Slick 4 is made even better due to the absence of the grind and tedium often associated with traditional RPGs, giving you yet another reason to look favorably toward playing. The run button and ability to speed through battles are especially convenient. The genuinely funny text lends a slapstick tone to the otherwise dark story and the music is as masterfully composed as it is appropriate to the scenario it's applied.

Frankly, it's disappointing how little this game disappoints. It's through clenched fists and gritted teeth that I recommend Rain-Slick 4, be it through Steam or XBLIG. Those who act fast on the PC version and buy before June 14 can even save 10 percent off of the already-cheap $5 asking price, driving the stake of positivity even deeper into my heart.