gezijam.pngWhile protesting continues to prevent the tearing down of Istanbul, Turkey's Gezi park, local developers banded together to jam out games in their own form of protest. Dubbed the GeziJam, developers have uploaded 11 games for it so far.

In This is Only a Resistance, you control three protesters who use zero violence and who only try to mitigate the damage caused by rioting. Tayyo Land is a short platformer about "a greedy autocratic president and about a series of unfortunate events in a fantastic country," wherein the president-player sets off TNT in forests to bring about cities.

As shown here, I like that you can jam out your feelings or what's on your mind, especially when you're not sure how else to express yourself or get involved in something potentially dangerous. Check out all the games made for the GeziJam here.

[Thanks, Ahmet B]