Michael Todd's Electronic Super Joy, a platformer that blends twitch gameplay with flashy visuals synced to strong dance beats, is now available in beta form. You'll get immediate access to its "45+ levels, 3 massive boss fights, vehicle segments, zero-gravity, love, drama, action, betrayal, revenge" and "butts, swearing, orgasms & pixelated violence" when you buy the beta at $4.99 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. You'll also get all releases up to and including the final build, which is estimated to be complete in late 2013. The full price will also be $3 more, so the early buy-in has its incentives, the biggest being it's a damn good game already.

Now we can finally test what the Broken Brothers and Garden developer told me earlier this year. "VVVVVV ain't got nothin' on ESJ." The latter certainly was challenging, and I liked defeating enemies with my beat-making jump stomp. However, I didn't find a stage that required as much practice as Cavanagh's Vedi Vini Vici did. Maybe it'll be in the completed version.

For now, I think the games are better off not being looked at so similarly. Electronic Super Joy is about avoiding pits and missiles, fighting bosses, and platforming from all orientations. It also feels more melded to the music, which is because the developer actually had all the music from artist EnV first and wrapped the level design around the music.

Electronic Super Joy is not a one-man project, either. Cassie Chui, Ryan Roth, Alex 'Droqen' Martin, JP Stringham, and Ryan Henson Creighton all played their parts.

From my playthrough of Electronic Super Joy, I found its challenge and presentation to be that magical spell everyone seems under at a club, dancing tirelessly and uninhibitedly. Embrace the ecstasy, which at $5 is an inexpensive thrill for several hours of fun.