SpikySnail's physics puzzler Super Splatters has completed its overhaul from last year's XBLA appearance to land on Steam for Windows and Mac today for $9. The goal is to earn points by bursting the ever-smiling Splatters against arena walls while doing tricks and pouring onto explosive fireworks. Sometimes splattering requires reverse physics (or flipping) to cover a wider radius or to reach fireworks in the opposite direction.

The game progression, graphics, and sound have all been overhauled for PC. At least half of the 70 levels in Super Splatters are new, broken down into FreeStyle, Combo Rush (non-stop combos) and Master-Shots (complete a level with a single Splatter that must do specific stunts) for action- or puzzle-oriented play styles.

The godfathers that are the Indie Fund (who saw similar potential in Antichamber and The Swapper) believed enough in Super Splatters to help fund its reinvention on the PC. However, if you're on the fence after seeing the crazy physics flipping in the trailer, why not tune in to see the developer playing it with indie brethren Fire Hose Games live today at 5:30pm ET/GMT-4?