Touted as the world's first rock opera video game, Karmaflow is a third person puzzle/platform adventure coming to Windows and Mac in late 2014, and its developers are looking for funding in its pre-production stage via Indiegogo. In a fantasy setting filled with interactive music,you will play as the Karmakeeper, balancer of worlds, saving guardian spirits and finding and unlocking the long lost Karmaflows.

conceptart_abilties_karmakeeper.pngThe Karmakeeper concept art above suggests a slightly metroidvania experience, in that you'll revisit worlds with your new powers to explore them more deeply.

The campaign is rather short on actual game, but the promise of its music cast is worth noting. The multi-Grammy award-winning Dutch Metropole Orchestra, Marc Hudson of Dragonforce, Henning Basse (Sons of Season, MaYaN, Metallium, and Firewind) are headlining so far.

My two cents: My overly optimistic wish is for even more bands such as Queen, Styx, Chicago, and Boston to join the game. More realistically, I'm not sure if this early concept alone will net the €50,000 goal. However, all they need is 5,000 people who want to pay €10 to secure a digital copy. Lastly, Karmaflow's character bears a bit of a resemblance to Journey's, so seeing it in motion and conveying how it plays is probably just as important as knowing the musical talent behind the game at this point. Even if it turned out to be the big-hair equivalent of Journey, that wouldn't be so bad for me, either.

That said, I really want to say "I've played a kick-ass rock opera video game" at some point in my life. Rock on, Karmaflow on Indiegogo.