Coming to Android and iPad in July (and Windows and Mac shortly after) is Lucky Frame's newest entry, local-only two-player dueling game Gentlemen!. "Go head-to-head with your frenemy in 19th Century England, settling your grievances with knives, bombs, deadly homing pigeons, and more," as the devs explain it. Their press kit also mentions "an unusual flipping control system" that allows "total symmetry in gameplay for each player."

It feels pretty safe to assume this control system will be unique to the tablet versions, and I'm curious to see how this symmetry will translate to a keyboard or controllers for the PC version.

As this will be Lucky Frame's first PC entry, I asked about other Lucky Frame titles coming to PC, to which the developers said to "keep your eyes peeled."

One announcement at a time, I suppose. Keep your eyes on Lucky Frame's Twitter account for more.