Basketbelle and ...But That Was [Yesterday] developer Bean has released his elegant bullet dancer Soundodger on Adult Swim today, with over 20 songs to weave through. You use the mouse to avoid the rhythm-based firepower, and you hold down the left-click to slow down the action. However, the latter comes at a cost to your score. Points (which convert to % complete) are only gained when a bullet leaves the arena at normal speed.

You need to complete the stages well to unlock even more music to dodge. The artists you can play in this browser version are Anoctave, Delasaurus, D.Wight, Disasterpeace, Mike Forst, Bill Kiley, Lifeformed, North Base, and Sonic (Jasper B.).

While waiting for the deluxe desktop version for Windows and Mac, have fun playing Bean's Soundodger on Adult Swim.