eagletown1.pngSpotted on the TIGSource Forums, Welcome to Eagletown is a small, adorable game that can be easily summarized: It's essentially Breakout in the Old West. You control a cowboy with the right and left arrow keys and, instead of a ball, you bounce your dog around the screen trying to clear obstacles. The graphics are lovingly made with monochrome pixels, and a jaunty old piano tune (which you'll probably recognize) soundtracks the action. The display is dusty with lines of static, like flaws in an old film reel. It's as if the game is an artifact recovered from an alternate version of the 19th-century American frontier, where videogames were a popular diversion in saloons of the era.

Instead of bricks, you and your loyal hound smash things like cacti, other cowboys, and stagecoaches. There's even the requisite train hold-up sequence. Bad guys will shoot at you, and they'll also sometimes drop power-ups like a gun of your own, sticks of dynamite, and additional dogs. The physics are generally solid, but remember that you're not deflecting the dog off of a flat surface, so the results can occasionally be surprising. It's all part of the fun! Don't slack off, though; if you let your dog hit the bottom of the screen, you'll have to restart the level.

Developer Tom Felshmoon's little gem of a game serves up classic gameplay with a ton of personality. Welcome to Eagle Town is a free download for Windows.