Wonderfling is the latest developer to try their hand at episodic gaming. The Terrian Saga is a four-episode project about the titular planet. Each entry in the series will be made up of a different genre. The first installment is an action-puzzle sidescroller called KR-17.

The levels in KR-17 are being designed in such a way that they have an open feel to them. The exit is often visible at the start of a stage, but won't open until you venture out and complete the level's objectives. Wonderfling cites Commander Keen as a big influence on the gameplay. There are several options available for combat, including proximity mines, napalm grenades and guided missiles. The missiles in particular are interesting due to their role in puzzle solving. Expect to guide missiles toward switches, at least according to the preview videos.

The pixelized graphics and chiptune soundtrack lend authenticity to the game's attempted retro feel as well. You can get a feel for KR-17 by downloading the Windows demo and decide for yourself if you'd like to support the game's Kickstarter page. The team is targeting Christmas 2013 for release.