Zenzizenzic screen.png

Ruud Koorevaar's free demo for arena shooter Zenzizenzic overloads the senses with heaps of different square enemies, bullets, a tough boss, and an even tougher, twitch-survival bonus area. Zombies. composer Bignic intensifies the action with thumping beats to complement the blooming geometry, all for one or two players to enjoy locally.

I hesitate to call Zenzizenzic part Super Hexagon, but that's the thrill I got when I arrived at the bonus area (I believe I got there by killing a lot of waves quickly). I didn't know what to do the first time around, so I'm sparing you the trial and telling you that you must dodge the lasers and other patterns that are incoming. You can predict their trajectory by noticing the darkening spots in the background.

I believe this demo campaign stops at 20% complete, but it should take you several turns to get that far. Be sure to watch the tutorial to learn about accelerating, decelerating, and using your shots and mega-power blast. The last ability is what I think helped me get to the bonus area.

The developer is looking for feedback on the game's functionality and fun. If you have a Windows machine, give Zenzizenzic a try and then make your friends try to pronounce its name aloud for kicks.