Rhythm action adventure Beatbuddy is finally coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux August 6 for $14.99. However, the developers at Threaks have offered five beta keys for Steam users who want to play the game now and help test out everything.

Since we've last covered Beatbuddy, Threaks has enlisted notable industry figures to help shape the adventure. Rhianna Pratchett (Mirror's Edge, Tomb Raider) has worked on the game's story. Austin Wintory (Journey) and Parov Stelar & Sabrepulse (Chime PS3) have each contributed a track, with more audio guest stars to follow.

Those who sign up for the beta giveaway (which contains the full game) in the comments below, be warned: you will need to provide your email to Threaks so they can give you access to the forum and have you promise not to spoil the game anywhere. Good luck! I'll pick five winners tomorrow evening!