Eddie Lee, the ex-Q-Games developer behind dazzling audio-visual experiences such as Kyoto and The Ballad of the Psychotropic Robots, has found his own indie studio called Funktronic Labs and will release yet another musical toy called Lotus for the upcoming Leap Motion device. Unlike other motion detecting contraptions, Leap's camera appears to have precise finger and hand detection, allowing the player in Lotus to conduct all sorts of shapes with simple gestures.

Lotus will release for free for Windows and Mac on July 22, the launch day for the Leap Motion device. The device itself will cost $79.99 and can be purchased from the official site or select retailers.

According to Tech Crunch, 12,000 developers already are experimenting with Leap Motion. So, along with opinions on it and Lotus, we'd love to hear below from developers working with this new technology!