molydeux.jpgMolyjam Deux, the second worldwide game jam inspired by the pie-in-the-sky thought processes of Black & White and Fable designer Peter Molyneux and his parody @petermolydeux, came to a close late last night with nearly 200 games from more than 30 participating jam locations.

As the deadline approached in various time zones, some of the larger jam locations got together to screen their games, many of which also went out via the Molyjam Twitch stream. Several overarching trends emerged, particularly dogs, based on this inspirational quote (and perhaps partially an ironic embrace of the canine Call of Duty squadmate, so hyped at May's Xbox One reveal).

Here are sister site Gamasutra's highlights among the submissions, along with their source inspiration.

Haughty or Naughty
Clifford Warren, Tiff Chow, JP LeBreton, K Gadd, Jenn Sandercock, Jolie Menzel, Jung-Ha Kim, Colin Bayer
Premise: "Will you choose to write prose with class, or tell tales that are crass? Haughty or Naughty allows you to express yourself in whichever way you choose. Will you score the lewdest poem in all the land? Or pen the most prophetic prose on the peninsula? Let your peers decide!"
Inspiration: "Some people leave artwork, some people do rude things, other people then turn those rude things into nice things."

Glass Ceiling
Garrett Mickley
Premise: "A game about gender inequality in the workplace."
Inspiration: "I'm angry. I'm super angry. My wife is barely talking to me now, because she lost a million gold coins."

Monetizing Children
Darren Grey, Shaz Yousaf, Freddie Fosh
Premise: "Lure children to your beautiful game mechanics and then inflict them with 'fun pain' as you take their money!"
Inspiration: The writings of Gamasutra expert blogger Ramin Shokrizade as well as "When I was 12 years old I employed my sister and all her friends to cut peoples lawns whilst I just sat there and watched, which was great."

Molydog - Dogulus Rift
Jock Findlay, Karla Zero, Brian McDonald, Alex Todorova
Premise: "Embarrass your owner while out on a walk in the park. An Oculus Rift required for the full experience."
Inspiration: "Part of the fun of dogs is they misbehave and can be enormously embarrassing to the owner."

Faux Paws
Chris Remo, Anna Kipnis, Doug Tabacco, Elizabeth Baumel, Pietro Righi Riva
Premise: "You play as the dog - you get points for doing embarrassing things, and even more points for doing them in front of the Queen!"
Inspiration: "Part of the fun of dogs is they misbehave and can be enormously embarrassing to the owner."

Bonus: here is a photo snapped by 22cans developer Jack Attridge of Peter Molyneux being stopped by building security at the London jam.

You can browse all the games and learn more about Molyjam here.

[Kris Ligman wrote this article for originally for sister site Gamasutra]