3lind1.pngSergey Gerasimenko has been emailing me about his clever creation 3LIND GAME, and he has finally unveiled the finished version. The developer calls it a psychological puzzle game, and that's a good description. This game will confound your expectations every chance it gets. Thematically similar to Antichamber, 3LIND GAME is about challenging your perception and making you think outside of the box.

Each of the 20 single-screen levels is a different puzzle to ponder and conquer (well, except for the first and last). The goal of each one is to move your tailed eyeball avatar to the big cube, but only the first couple of levels will allow you to do this with ease. The game will play with your assumptions, frequently subverting the lessons you learned in the previous levels. It is not unfair by any means; the solutions always make sense. Some creative thinking will get you through.

The graphics are stark and gorgeous, the controls are smooth and responsive, and the haunting sounds by Methamphetabear round out the package. The game is also philosophical, and beating each level will reward you with an adage that could genuinely be applied to real life. My time with 3LIND GAME was engaging, thought-provoking, and satisfying. I hope yours is, too.

If you're up for some extended brainteasing, play 3LIND GAME in your browser.